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Next event is 30/03/2019


On March the 30th, the official opening of the new "Op Fréinen" sports hall takes place. For this occasion, the TaeKwonDo-Club Junglinster has been invited, along with other sports clubs, to organize a demonstration of its activities. This demonstration is scheduled for 13:30 and will last more or less 30 minutes.

The committee decided to organize the family day as well as the general assembly, initially scheduled for March 16th, in association with the inauguration.

We will give you more detailed information at a later date, but we invite you to reserve the 30th of March from 10.00 am until around 2.30 pm.

We also remind you that a medical sport control is mandatory for all athletes who wish to obtain or extend a license of a sports federation.
At the first examination for the issue of a license, the athlete must be 7 years old or reach 7 years during the year. After that, it’s necessary to repeat the examination at the age of 12, 15, 20, 30, 40 and 50.
The examination may be carried out at the medical center in Junglinster with Dr. Ernzen (621 30 62 03 or 26 78 20 95) or at any other accredited medical center.